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The Social Coffee Co. is the product of three globetrotters, our love of food, and the worldwide culinary experience we’ve picked up on the way.

The Social Coffee Co. Cafe.

At our first meeting in 2016 we knew the concept was clear: to create food we love in a place we’d love to eat it. So when The Finsbury Business Centre approached us about opening up a café to fill a social space of their Clerkenwell building, how could we say no!


We saw an opportunity to create the Social Coffee Co. - office catering that first and foremost serves natural and delicious food and coffee. From Seven Seeded’s artisan buns to fresh coastal fish from the UK’s leader in sustainability; we’re proud to use the very best local and seasonal produce.

Our East Central location.

But it wasn’t just about the great local produce and coffee for us.


Creating a fully inclusive space where everyone (no matter their age, job, or knowledge of coffee) feels welcome and relaxed, was at the core of the Social Coffee Co’s values.



Wholesome delicious food.

Of course, the not-so-secret ‘social’ element is fundamental to the business, from the way we interact with customers to relationships with our local suppliers. In years to come, when you see Social Coffee Co’s popping up all over London, you will still always be greeted by a genuine person with a smile - no robots here!


Oh, and did we mention a damn good (locally roasted) cup of coffee?

The Social Coffee Co. has quickly become the bustling heart of The FBC. The friendly staff go out of their way to make visitors feel welcome and their menu is constantly evolving, using super fresh ingredients. Many offices use The Social Coffee Co. for catered office breakfasts and lunches on a weekly basis. We are delighted to have them here!

Hugh Hudson, Managing Director, The Finsbury Business Centre Ltd

The Social Coffee Co. is about bringing healthy and sustainable food we love, to you.

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